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Lordos United  

LORDOS UNITED, with a history spanning  for more than half a century is the group of companies in Cyprus in the production of plastics, distribution of hygiene products, food products, as well as real estate property developments in Cyprus and abroad

60+ years legacy

The company was established in Famagusta by the late founder Fotios D. Lordos, who originally named the company “Lordos Plastics Ltd”. After the events of 1974, the company forcibly was removed from its initial HQ. Since then, it has been operating and expanding from its Limassol HQ, with the construction of a new factory as well as a number of warehouses.

 “Lordos Plastics Ltd” operated as a private company until 2000 before proceeding with its IPO. Its transition to a public company under a new name called “Lordos United Plastics Public Ltd” took place the following year when the company joined the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the company’s IPO as well as it’s 60th anniversary of its founding, Lordos United Plastics Ltd is entering a new era. Staying true to its values, to innovate and to improve the state of life with its products and services, the company has transformed into a group of companies under the operational name Lordos United.

The facilities are located in the 1st Industrial area of Limassol. The company now employs 220 highly qualified scientific researchers and skilled workers, in all sectors and production processes, which give great attention to the continuous training of staff at all levels. The capable and visionary company executives have as a main objective the strengthening and dynamic development of the market sector of plastics, along with the creation of new innovative products targeting new markets abroad. 

Our philosophy



Metamorphosis. Improving the state of the world by expanding company offering in various industry sectors.

By championing the good and ethical use of plastic, Lordos UNITED aims to shape the future by investing in new technologies that respect and protect the environment and are aligned with every EU directive



Lordos UNITED aims to become an innovative, state-of-the-art group of companies that: 


  • Transforms raw materials into practical solutions for everyday problems

  • Earns the trust and respect of the industry for its knowhow, integrity and quality of production

  • Is able to define and implement processes that make the best use of available resources to produce quality products in a way that respects the environment and ensures profitability.

  • Creates value for its customers, employees and shareholders

  • It actively contributes to the development and sustainability of the economy of Cyprus



Our forward thinking approach drives true innovation that enables us to realise our long-term goals. With our highly skilled in-house technical and operational teams, we continue to deliver the most exciting, memorable and highest quality products and projects on the island



With our ever evolving zeal to embrace new approaches and by keeping our minds open to new possibilities, we continue to set new industry standards.

Our company was the first to enter new unexplored markets, further leading the way for expansion. Lordos UNITED will now lead the group in new industries and unchartered territories with the same aspirations and ambition our founders had when founding the first company, Lordos Plastics in 1959.


Sales for produced & imported products per year

2.800 SKUs

Are sold  every year from our warehouses

60 Years

Experience in the production of plastics


Automated production lines

51.000 m2

Offices,Production & Warehouse

Export Countries

Company Timeline


Lordos Plastics established in Famagusta


Relocation of factory to Limassol


Partnership with Plastona  SA


Accredited for EN ISO 9001 Certification


Expansion of a new warehouse

in Nicosia


Accredited for EN ISO 14001 Certification


Partnership with Helesi bins for exclusive distribution in the Cyprus market 

Acquisition of Cosmo Plast


Partnership with Plastics Service Pack for new product lines in Industrial Solutions 

First year of support and volunteering to “Let’s Do it Cyprus”


New partnership with Viokar S.A. and Agrodrip S.A. in new product lines 


Received the environmentally friendly Award “Blue Angel”

Installation of photovoltaics to reduce cost and protect the environment

Installation of new Plastics Recycled machine with capacity of up to 2000t of material per year

Launch of new 4-Way Junction box for electrical installations


Lordos United Public Ltd

joined Cyprus Stock Exchange


New partnership with Naoumidis and Lordos Food Solutions

New vinegar product line by Lordos Food Solutions

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