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Quality Control

Ensured Quality 

Our fully equipped lab ensures our quality via daily strict tests on products. Production quality complies with all European standards.

Every day our company produces 25 different types of products in different forms, sizes and quantities spanning for a few hundred units to tens of thousands of products.  


In our production units, we process daily more than 40 tons of raw material. The core material we use is high density polyethylene that consists about 37.5% of the daily usage ( approximately 15tons ).

Production is using 40t of raw materials on a daily basis


Our Quality Assurance team ensures that all products are manufactured to stringent quality standards. Quality is a shared value within the company and this has made Lordos United Plastics one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers within the sector.

All of our divisions are ISO 9001:2015 certified and our quality procedures are in line with ISO certification standards.

Being an environmentally-aware company we have established an environmental management system certified with the ISO 14001:2015, to control those aspects of our business that have an impact on the environment.

We at Lordos United Plastics are committed to ensuring that our organization complies with every applicable current regulation, legislation and other requirements.

EN ISO 9001 Certification



Our inhouse laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the accuracy and quality of our production line. Our dosage system for mixing materials safeguards the uniformity of our product whilst also allowing total customization for 3rd party clients.

Health & Safety

Health and safety for our clients as well as employees is of utmost importance for our company. Recognizing the social and economic dimension of accidents, the company considers Safety management (safety, health, hygiene and environment) a key part of the overall management of its factory.


Our company’s policy on safety aims on preventing accidents and diseases over the scope of its activities and beyond . In order to achieve that Lordos Plastics Ltd aims:


  • To educate our employees on health and safety issues

  • To reducing workers' exposure to chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic harmful agents

  • To use every modern technology, work equipment and machinery in accordance with international and Cypriot standards

  • To assign responsibilities within the Security Management System to all staff

  • To continuously monitor, document and evaluate safety processes and procedures

  • To continuously improve  the security levels in production

PE Pipes for water supply

EN 201  Certification

EN 12201 PE 100  Certification

Pipes for water supply

PE Pipes for water supply

EN 201  Certification

EN 12201 PE 80  Certification

Pipes for water supply

PE Pipes for water supply

EN 201  Certification

EN 1329  Certification

UPVC Pipes, for soil & waste discharge, low & high temperature

PE Pipes for water supply

EN 201  Certification

EN  1401  Certification

UPVC Pipes, for non pressure underground, drainage &sewerage 

PE Pipes for water supply

EN 201  Certification

EN ISO 1452 Certification

UPVC Pipes, for water supply

& for buried and above ground drainage & sewerage

EN 61386-21 Certification

Conduit systems for conduit management

CYS -106  Certification

Low Density Polyethylene

Pipes for agriculture

EN 60670-24  Certification

Switch & Socket Box

EN 60670-22  Certification

4-Way Junction  Box

EN 50085-1  Certification

Cable Trunking Systems

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