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Research, Development & Innovation

Moving forward

Our forward thinking approach drives true innovation that empowers us to achieve our long-term goals. With our highly skilled in-house technical and operations teams we continue to deliver the most exciting, memorable and highest quality developments on the island

Our founder, Fotios Lordos has been a pioneer in plastics production since 1959 even before plastics were introduced in Cyprus in 1960. The company has been trading more than 2800 products per year, a blended mix of owned production and imported by exclusively selected suppliers.


From early on, our company has consciously chosen the path of growth, research and continuous evolution. We aim to take care of our customers' needs and we are continuously working so that we are always one step ahead of cheap competition. We aspire to offer innovative solutions that will improve the quality of life and state of our world.

Innovation has been part of Lordos Plastics Ltd DNA for more than half a century


Manufacturing Technology

  • CNC Milling System & Spark Erosion for mold production

  • Multi Layer for Films & Bags that allows the creation of innovative formulas

  • 7  Film Extrusion Machines, out of which 4 are Multi Layer 

  • 7 Converting Machines

  • 11 Injection Machines

  • 3 Blowing Machines

  • 3 PET Blowing Machines

  • Printing System for printing on plastics we produce


Interleaf System

An Interleaf System is being used for the production of bags, which allows the products to be separated from each other after perforation and then winded – each bag overlaps the previous one. This time-saving technology essentially allows for pulling a waste bag from the roll immediately with one hand as they are already separated from the rest of the waste bags in the roll.


Width: 600 – 1150 mm

Length: 500 – 1000 mm

Thickness: 14 – 30 microns

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 7.46.28 PM.png

Air Transfer System for Raw Materials

Our innovative Air Transfer System from silo to production machines allows minimal loss and efficiency in production thus making our production one of the most cost efficient in our industry.



Our inhouse laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that ensure the accuracy and quality of our production line. Our dosage system for mixing materials safeguards the uniformity of our product whilst also allowing total customization for 3rd party clients.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Production detached from efficient planning and distribution is one of the pitfalls of our industry and leaves considerable gaps in other industries’ work. TheOracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, (ERP) is a system that allows the automation of purchases, procurement, production and sales, streamlining our work to perform at its best.

Powerful Computer
Green Leaves

Sustainable Development

Our research department is committed to constantly improving the usage of our raw materials and the products that derive from it. We aim for recyclable and biodegradable materials that have also enabled us to achieve the Blue Angel status, the German Ecolabel, for our newly launched Eco Bags. The ecolabel is awarded by the German Federal Government.


Mantis Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse management system allows the team to efficiently dispatch stock by having the automated stock taking feature that keeps us up to date at any given point.

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