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Sustainable Development

Towards a sustainable green economy

Our forward-thinking approach drives true innovation and enables us to realise our long-term goals. With our highly skilled in-house technical and operations teams we continue to deliver the most exciting, memorable and highest quality developments on the island.

Our company’s philosophy has always been the production and distribution of high quality plastic products of the topmost design that satisfy our customer’s needs. At the same time, our aim is to be as efficient and respectful towards the environment as possible, ensuring that our footprint has the lowest possible impact.

Lordos Plastics has been implementing an accredited Environmental Management System according to the ISO14001 since 2012

Sustainable Development Strategy

1. Commitment to Social Responsibility

Incorporating Social Responsibility in our activities, every year together with the Commissioner's for the Environment Office , Let's Do It Cyprus and the Together Cyprus NGO - we organise an awareness- raising and environmental campaigns

2. Quality Management System

Since 1997 our company has operated under the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001. Strict inspection for the production of plastics in cooperation with our lab takes place on a daily basis.

3. Reuse of Production Scraps

Our company owns and operates in house recycling units with a 2000 tons yearly capacity which recycle production residues. The company implements the provisions of ISO14001 since 2012 in its Environmental Management System.

4. Low emissions from plants & material

During all the stages of production, our company ensures that we safeguard to the highest extent possible the environment by minimizing our emissions and our waste. Every year we educate our staff, empowering them to be part of the aforementioned efforts and the protection of the environment in general.

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ISO 9001 ENG-1.png
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Environmental Management System

Lordos United Plastics since 2012 implements its accredited Environmental Management System according to the provisions of EN ISO14001 for the following categories:

Pipes Fittings

& Profiles

Food Packaging 


& Industrial items

Garden Furniture

Bottles & Containers


& Shrink Films

Bags & Sags

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Our Focus

  • Design

Developing sustainable designs with minimal energy consumed & materials

  • Production

Low emissions and high technology machineries with robotic technologies are helping us reduce the impact of pollution

  • Storage

Delivery boxes are stored in reusable boxes​

  • Distribution

Supply chain and logistics are designed in the most efficient, time and energy saving footprint


The IQ Net Certification 

EN ISO 14001 Certification

Lordos United Plastics

is recycling 2000 tons of scraps 

per year

Reuse of production scraps

Our company is a member of Green Dot Cyprus, a collective alliance for collective packaging and packaging waste management systems. Through Green Dot we ensure that we meet our obligations regarding the management of packaging waste in accordance with the law.

According to the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste in 2002 (Law 32 (I) / 2002), companies that place packaging on the market must take care of the recovery and recycling of part of it.

Green Dot Certification 

Cyprus Ministry

of Environment & Agriculture


  • We own and operate 2 scrap plants that assist in expanding the cycle of life of the disposed products by turning them into raw materials for the production of new products.

  • We develop new practices that save raw materials and subsequently waste management resources

  • We aim for job creation

  • We invest in practices that help preserve power and lower emissions

What We Do Additionally

Sustainable Bag Production

For the first time a Cypriot Industrial company has achieved the production of garbage bags by using more than 80% recyclable raw materials that are in post consumer stage and at that same time achieve being recognized by a respectable ecolabel, the Blue Angel.


For the Eco Bags production line we invested in machinery that have been designed especially for processing of recyclable materials as raw. Research and development for the project started in 2017 and the first line was introduced in the market in 2019.

Blue Angel Certification 

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 7.46.58 PM.png
Green Leaves

Organic Stabilizers

We are the first company in Cyprus to have initiated the production of UPVC plastic pipes (potable water pipes, pressure pipes, electrical installation pipes and drain pipes) using environmentally friendly organic stabilizers (OBS) which are free from heavy metals, such as lead, and in accordance with the European directive RoHS 2002/95/EK  as well as with the regulation REACH 1907/2006 of the European Union for the proper use of chemical substances

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