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Lordos United Properties

L.U.P holds a vast portfolio in Cyprus and Europe

Lordos United Properties is investing in property developments in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania. Investment opportunities include residential and industrial plots

Total Investment budget 10M 

Limassol, Cyprus

Polemidia Plot at Limassol Special Zone 150,000 sq. m

The plot can be found in the municipality of Polemidia, north of the Limassol General Hospital, on the western

side of Limassol City. The plot enjoys an unobstructed

view of the Episkopi bay. Its classification zone is for specialized developments such as schools, hospitals, training areas.


Limassol, Cyprus

Agia Fyla Plot Limassol Municipality Residential Zone 28,000 sq. m

The plot is located in Agia Fyla, the northern part of Limassol City above the highway, and is included within the limits of Limassol Municipality. The plot is easily accessible from the completed public streets and enjoys a number of services such as supermarkets, schools, etc. The future planning of the plot is to be divided into 28 individual plots. 

Sofia, Bulgaria

Kantara Plot at Sofia Residential Zone 11,400 sq. m


The plot is found a few kilometers away from the capital

city of Sofia, on Europa Avenue which connects  Belgrade

and Vienna with Sofia and its in a residential zone, 7km

from city borders.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Aphrodite Plot 32,000 sq.m

The plot is adjacent to Europa Avenue next to the motorway entrance that heads to Belgrade and Vienna. Behind the plot, the commercial railway lines run through, connecting Sofia with other major central European cities. The plot is ideal for a logistics center.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Ammohostos plot Industrial Zone 5,500 sq. m

Ammohostos plot is located by the main Ring roundabout of the regional road of Sofia’s Industrial zone and its size spans 5,500 sq. m. Its location and size makes it ideal for a Show Room (vehicles, furniture etc)


Bucharest, Romania

Apollo Plot at Fundeni Logistic Center Zone 150,000 sq. m

Located at Fundeni / Cernica, 15 km from Bucharest. This plot faces the motorway from Bucharest to Costanza. Its consisted of fifty (50) 3000sq.m plots and its industrial zoning allows for a number of options. The plots are ideal for logistics centers. All relevant permits have been approved by the local authorities and included. Any type of construction can be immediate. Next to the complex, a new commercial center is being built.

Bucharest, Romania

Roxana plot at Balotesti Residential Area 


This plot is located outside Bucharest national airport. It is licensed for 96 semi-detached houses (Duplex) each one with an independent garden. Roxana plot is divided into 48 plots and its surrounded by a newly built complex of small mansions. Permits have been issued for the first 10 houses and construction is expected to begin end of 2020.


Bucharest, Romania

Cyrom plot at Crevedia Agriculture area 50,000 sq. m


This agricultural plot is found 15km north of the city of Bucharest. It will be divided into ten 5.000sq.m plots for residential development of luxury houses.

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