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A new aspiring beginning

Glass Jar with Olive Paste

Lordos UNITED' s new company enters a challenging market, aiming to offer familiar flavours and inspiring tastes to the local market


Naoumidis Peppers


In Agios Panteleimon Florinas in Greece, at an altitude of six hundred ten meters, Naoumidis family cultivates the Red Florina’s Peppers and produces

its innovative products. A loved vegetable with a twist. 

You can find Naoumidis products in all major supermarkets

Picking Purple Grapes

Balsamic & Vinegar

We offer an extensive array of Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Cream,  and Apple Cider, a carefully chosen selection from local producers.

epos by Lordos Flavours

Tou Xorkou

Tortilla Wraps