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Lordos Plastics & Europa Donna

Together, in the fight against breast cancer for 11 years in a row.


October is seen as the pink month, the Breast Cancer awareness month.

And it is in October that The European Breast Cancer Coalition launches an annual campaign to increase awareness and raise funds to support Europa Donna to achieve set goals. Always in a context of complete transparency.

But, as all important battles can only be won with the collective participation of community members, Lordos Plastics, member of the Lordos United Group will stand once again by the Europa Donna Cyprus’s fundraising campaign for the 11th consecutive year. Therefore, part of the proceeds from each 42x50cm pink waste bag. having the special label “Lordos-Europa Donna Cyprus’’ will be donated to strengthen the work of Europa Donna.

Thus, all the awareness and educational programs of Europa Donna will be reinforced whereas breast cancer patients’ wellbeing and rights will be ensured.


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