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Lordos United Plastics Public Ltd & PCC Cy-Pellets Recycling Ltd partnership

Lordos United Plastics Public Ltd and PCC Cy-Pellets Recycling Ltd signed today, Monday 28th June 2021, an agreement to co-produce in Cyprus, recycled first materials for the production of new recyclable plastic items.

Specifically, Lordos United Plastics Public Ltd will handle the management of the recycling factory of used plastics, that is located in the industrial area of Agios Sylas Limassol, property of the PCC Cy-Pellets Recycling Ltd company, part of the POULLAIDES group.

The annual production capacity of the recycling factory is capable of covering the annual needs of the Lordos United Plastics Public Ltd industry. The corporate move is part of the new strategy by Lordos United Plastics Public Ltd, that is aiming until 2025, to leave zero environmental footprint on the environment in Cyprus.

The recyclable products such as LORDOS ECO BAGS that are already in the market, are the answer to the prudent use of plastics.

The PCC Cy-Pellets Recycling Ltd factory is the first real plastics recycling factory in Cyprus. The partnership between two Cypriot Industries will help to develop protective systems of the environment that is, especially for Cyprus, a highly important asset. The safeguarding of the environment is everyone’s duty.


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