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Lordos Plastics pulled from the seabed 150 kg of Plastic

Lordos Plastics proceeded with the clearing of diving spots in Cyprus, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility context and in collaboration with the University of Cyprus’ sports team.

As part of the initiative “Because Together We Can Make a Difference”, 150 kilos of disposable plastic, and other materials, have been pulled from the seabed at a depth of 10 metres. The next step of this initiative is the utilisation of the collected plastic which can be recycled, in order to breathe new life into this material.

The initiative was supported by AlphaMega Hypermarkets since the proceeds from the purchase of Ecobags enhanced the Student Welfare Fund of the University of Cyprus.

Raising public awareness as per the environment and training the public to use recyclable and eco-friendly products, like Ecobags, worked as the trigger of this initiative which was taken by Lordos Plastics.

“Our company has set as a goal to reach 0% carbon footprint in the environment by 2025,” according to the Head of Sales & Marketing Department of Lordos United, Mr Constantinos Vafiadis.

“We believe that environmental pollution and in specific marine pollution from disposable plastics is something that should initially sensitize the companies that operate in the field. These companies should train citizens and specifically consumers to use recyclable eco-friendly products. Lordos Plastics is the first company that launched the eco-friendly Ecobags which are made of 80% recyclable plastic and have been awarded the Blue Angel certification.”

Lordos Plastics, part of Lordos United, produces 8500 tons of plastic per annum, while it currently recycles 2000 tons.

The goal of the Marketing Department of Lordos Plastics is to become a pioneer in a series of activities that will protect the environment and will support the transition to circular economy.

“We do not treat the situation superficially, rather we act thoroughly in order to secure a better and sustainable future.”


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