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Lordos United, Group of Companies New Name

After 60 years of presence in the Cypriot market as a pioneer in the plastics industry, our company extends its areas of activity under a new brand name: Lordos United

  • Expands its practices to encompass innovative fields, such as the new plastic waste recycling unit which recycles 2,000 tons of plastic per year, with the aim of reducing our group's environmental footprint.

  • Produces new environmentally friendly household products, comparable to our ECOBAGS range.

  • Funds academic scientific research and participates in the activities of a high-tech company for the production of new, eco-friendly plastic production materials.

  • Expands its activities in the food production and distribution sector, both in Cyprus and abroad.

  • Branches out into the production and distribution sector of personal hygiene and disinfection products.

  • Utilises the company’s real estate both in Cyprus and abroad.

Since 1960, when our company was founded in Famagusta, our efforts directed towards servicing the Cypriot consumers with high-quality products.

We are thankful to the consumers who honour us with their loyalty all these years. However, your support has been by far the major driver of our success. We would like to thank you most sincerely for your long-term cooperation.

On behalf of the Management,


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